Whether you want to find ways to protect the unique resources of Central Asia and improve its environmental practices, or aspire to be the next passionate chronicler and storyteller of 该地区, an outstanding educational experience awaits you at the University of Central Asia (十大正规网堵平台).
    台湾的 艺术与科学学院(SAS) offers a unique five-year undergraduate programme that cultivates interdisciplinary knowledge and skills students need to advance their intellectual growth, 扩展自己的视野, 并在他们的职业和个人生活中进行创新. The research-based curriculum combines a liberal arts and sciences education, where students benefit from an outstanding faculty with a 1:9 faculty/student ratio.

台湾的 partnerships with world-class institutions enrich the student’s learning experiences. Undergraduate students also gain work experience through internships as part of the University’s Cooperative Education Programme.

学生对学费的平均贡献, 食宿, 一台笔记本电脑, 健康保险, 还有众多的设施——只占教育成本的一小部分. This makes education and living at 十大正规网堵平台 particularly affordable for students from rural communities.

加州大学洛杉矶分校的本科生课程位于纳林, 吉尔吉斯斯坦, 和Khorog、塔吉克斯坦. 哈萨克斯坦的特克利分校正在规划阶段.


A broad-based liberal arts and sciences education that builds critical thinking, 以及跨学科的分析和技术技能;

  • An undergraduate curriculum designed in partnership with top tier global universities in growing industry fields;
  • Hands-on learning provides theoretical and practical knowledge that can be applied to real-world issues; and
  • 高质量的英语课堂内外教育.


  • Become a model of excellence and academic quality and integrity throughout Central Asia;
  • 培养独立思考, critical analysis and ethical judgment that prepare graduates for responsible citizenship in their countries, 该地区, 和世界;
  • 培养理解重大问题的多面手, 辩论, 以及人文学科的探究方法, 社会科学, 科学和技术, 中亚及其邻国面临的挑战;
  • Ensure that graduates are equal to the world’s best in areas of concentration (majors) that the programmes offer;
  • Enable graduates to both fill and create jobs in Central Asia and beyond – whether in the 公共 or private sector; and
  • Prepare graduates for advanced study and research at the best institutions around the world.


台湾的 five-year undergraduate programme begins with a Preparatory Programme that includes 英语, 数学, and science courses designed to build foundational skills and knowledge that allows students to succeed in a rigorous, 与国际接轨的英语教学环境.  








Students perform various scientific experiments in fully-equipped laboratories.


Students participate in recreational activities on campus, including sports and gym.




At 十大正规网堵平台, students have an opportunity to graduate with any of the four chosen majors. The language of instruction for undergraduate programmes is exclusively 英语. 你可以就读该校位于纳林的两个住宿校区中的任何一个, 吉尔吉斯斯坦, 或Khorog、塔吉克斯坦, 这取决于你选择的专业. 通过十大正规网堵平台的合作教育项目, you will also have the opportunity to gain work experience through internships with leading companies.

在学术和课外成绩优异的情况下, students may be eligible and recommended by the Selection Committee for direct enrolment to the Freshman year, 前提是他们在入学后通过微积分预备测试.


作为十大正规网堵平台结构化的五年制本科课程的一部分, 学生完成强化课程, 跨学科预备课程一年, with liberal arts and prerequisite courses developed in partnership with Seneca College in Toronto, 加拿大.


  • 加拿大多伦多大学 (计算机科学)
  • 加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚大学 (地球与环境科学)
  • 国立研究型大学高等经济学院, Moscow; Stockholm School of Economics/Riga, 拉脱维亚 (全球经济)
  • 澳大利亚悉尼科技大学 (通讯和媒体)
  • 加拿大维多利亚大学 (合作教育计划)


学生受益于前所未有的与研究专家的接触, 设施, 以及来自十大正规网堵平台已有研究机构和学习中心的数据. These complement their academic programmes and provide them with unique learning and research opportunities; joint 公共ations with leading scholars; preparation for graduate work; exposure to leading scholars from around the world; the use of scientific methods across disciplines; and knowledge creation.


十大正规网堵平台's 合作教育计划 is a work-integrated learning programme where students apply in-class learning to real-life professional experiences within their field of study across private, 公共, 和以社区为基础的行业. It offers paid and unpaid internships and prepares students for both academic and career success beyond the university’s walls. 十大正规网堵平台's Co-op Programme has been developed in partnership with the 加拿大维多利亚大学.

该课程是加州大学加州分校本科生的必修课程. It is an innovative immersion initiative that creates opportunities for students to experience the working world, 国内外, via structured job placements in three consecutive summers during their five-year university education. 学习贯穿整个过程, 寻求就业, 学习有价值的人际交往技巧和在职培训, as well as participating in field studies and jointly conducting student development evaluations. 了解更多有关计划的信息.

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“在十大正规网堵平台攻读专业是令人难忘的. I had a remarkable opportunity to study at both campuses and learnt about the diverse cultures of 吉尔吉斯斯坦 and Badakhshan. Over the summer, I had a wonderful internship working at USAID in Monitoring and Evaluation. 我接触到了真实的世界, 还学到了很多商业道德, 数据科学, 和数据收集."



“虽然这片土地非常广阔, the CM programme at 十大正规网堵平台 allows you to gain skills across its many specters with a particular focus on your interest area. My favorite part about our flexible curriculum was that the course I was excited to take [Political Communication] was developed and incorporated by my request."



"The four remarkable years I spent at 十大正规网堵平台 transformed my understanding of the world. 它让我对全球问题有了一种受过教育的看法. I believe that all the challenging yet rewarding experiences I had and the skills I acquired during this journey will help me take on any challenge in life with confidence."



“在十大正规网堵平台,我了解到自然和人类是如何深刻地联系在一起的. 由预备学年开始, I gradually developed the understanding of how natural resources can be mobilized for easy access. 十大正规网堵平台为我职业生涯的进一步发展奠定了坚实的基础."

Muybalikhon Jumakhonov地球与环境科学(ee), 2021届校友